Perforated Instrument Tray --Circular hole  

Perforated Instrument Tray--Circular hole is a closed container for holding surgical instruments during sterilization, is to destroy the live bacteria by heat. It is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions.



Fitting into all common mini sterilizers

Locking system for a reliable closure and hygienic opening

Space-saving in the sterile supplies cycle through stacking

System designed trays for processing, thermal disinfection, sterilization, transport and storage of instruments

User Benefits

Advantages due to reusable packaging, lowcosts of use and long service life

Comfortable handling: Simple and quick

Standardized easy documentation of the supply cycle


Brief introduction

Jiangsu HUAXI Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd,the internationally renowned manufacturers and exporters of a variety of hospital equipment&devices,are leading manufacturers of sterilization equipment and accessories including Sterilization Boxes also.These Containers are especially designed for quality conscious users.

Following the international quality standards,our Sterilization Containers,in premium quality stainless steel,are tested onvarious quality parameters.Thus they are hassle free and safe in their performance.They are corrosion resistant and durable,Dimensional accuracy is ensured in their production.HUAXI Medical Sterilization Container are produced in many different specifications in addition to the customised requirements of varied needs.

Product specifications

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