Sterile Endoscope Storage Cabinet    

The HX/HPESC-SOD endoscope sterile storage cabinet is specially designed and developed for the hospital endoscopy center. It is used for the storage and drying of hospital flexible endoscopes. This product is conform to relevant national standards, as to ensure that the flexible endoscope under the proper drying and sterile environment during storage.


Plasma module is adopted,efficient and rapid;

Clean storage

High-efficiency filter is ensure that clean air, only took a step enter the chamber,without   waiting, meanwhile, avoiding re-pollution;

Real-time Detection

Real-time detection of storage time, temperature, wind pressure, humidity and other parameters to ensure the safety of the endoscope storage;

Powerful Dehumidification

Equipped with an Air dehumidifier, which can quickly dehumidify the cabinet after activating, and the temperature is fixed at 30°C;

Traceability Management

Wireless IOT traceability module is provided as optional, which can be connected to diverse hospital information systems,such as HIS and PACS to realize authentic traceability management.


Brief introduction

The HX / HPESC-SOD endoscope sterilize storage cabinet can store up to 12 Flexible endoscopes. This product is equipped with several modules and devices, air filter is to prevent the contamination of the endoscope caused by the unclean air; plasma sterilization module is able to constantly sterilize the storage cabinet; Air circulation heating module, it can heat air to dry the endoscope. The function of this product is far beyond the relevant industry standards, and it can store flexible endoscopes of various sizes, because the scale of tray is strictly designed.

Product specifications

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